2017: VLN 1

Last year, I started our coverage of the 2016 VLN season with a lamentation that it was one of the best series in the world with no video coverage. Well... guess what 2017 brings? And guess who had no idea until oh...about two races into the season? That's right, you're truly.

I'll get to the point and start this post with a photo dump of VLN Round 1, aka the 63rd ADAC Westfalenfahrt. Chris Frays (as usual) brings the juice from the 'Ring.

After the album, check the P.S. for a guide to watching the first two VLN rounds of the year. It's about time!

P.S. Getting to view VLN rounds 1 and 2 is a little bit tricky. Easiest way I found:

1) Head over to the Round 1 coverage page at Radio Le Mans. http://www.radiolemans.co/2017/03/25/vln-63rd-adac-westfalenfahrt/

2) Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see a video payer showing the date for VLN Round 3.

3) Tap on the "Event Posts" button in the upper right hand corner of the player.

4) Choose your round.

Chris Frays is our German correspondent on hand for his fantastic coverage of events from a country with deep roots in motorsport. A Canon shooter with a paternally-inherited love for motorsport, his work and contact information can be found at Frays Imaging.

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