VLN 2: 42nd DMV 4 Hours

What I've learned from finally being able to watch VLN racing:


The production-based classes, like the BMW M235i cup are the most exciting to watch. Because they have relatively little downforce, they move around a lot, which is as awesome to watch on the narrow Nordschleife as you would expect.



I have now seen a late-model Porsche blow the doors off of an Opel Manta, only to be embarrassed in turn by an SCG003 within the span of 20 seconds.

190 cars. Even with 24+ kilometers of asphalt to play on, it's a crowd. Managing traffic may have more to do with winning than outright speed.

Chris Frays is our German correspondent on hand for his fantastic coverage of events from a country with deep roots in motorsport. A Canon shooter with a paternally-inherited love for motorsport, his work and contact information can be found at Frays Imaging.

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