Blancpain Monza


With its fast, sweeping corners and long endless straights, it represents the pinnacle of classic formula road tracks. With all due respect to Spa, Monza is the last pure high-speed road racing track in Europe--even with the chicanes added. Debate your driver's ed teacher.

Low downforce and drag reduction are key to winning here, so it's no shock that the slippery shape of the Lamborghini Huracan took it to the top of the podium. Of course, the equally sleek Ferrari 488 also showed out for the home team by taking 3 of the remaining top 5 spots. It was a good day to be Italian.

Oh, right. Spoiler alert.



For his first time gracing the blog, it's our pleasure to introduce Stefan Deck. Stefan shoots Blancpain GT Endurance races for a German team and got us these amazing views of the Blancpain GT Endurance 2017 debut at Monza.


More of Stefan’s work can be found at Give him a follow on Instagram as well.

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