Luftgekült 2018: Rain & Shine

Luft 2018_001 3.jpg

  2018 marked the first year Lufgekült had two gatherings. It also marked the first that was held outside of sunny Southern California. The venue of choice was Bicester Heritage, a former RAF base nestled in Oxfordshire that has been resurrected to play host to all manner of automobila. In an exercise of masterful triteness, the local climate bestowed the event with some wassergekült-ing (yes...that was necessary) of it's own.

  Please enjoy the following photo gallery from both events as seen by two exceptional photographers, that enjoyed largely the same experience, albeit in different countries, with different people, different climates and different cars. That is the true power of the Luftgekült, and to a greater extent, the car community as a whole.

Luft 2018_167.jpg
LuftCanon_129 1.jpg

Thanks again to Chris Gorman (Luftgekült 5, USA) and Nick Dalton (Luftgekült GB). Follow them on social media at @theoneandnine & @fiery_maelstrom respectively.