The Mitty

When they try to box you in as a 914, but 917 is life.

What is there to write about the Mitty that hasn't already been? 39 years strong, The Mitty is still the premier festival of vintage speed on the eastern coast of the United States. Road Atlanta is slightly older, and at nearly 50, enough journalists have put pen to paper about it to rival your favorite movie star's collection of tabloid headlines. So what can I add to the chorus?

Let's story would mostly consist of me stanning in the paddocks like everyone else, how much my knees hurt from schlepping up and down the track, and the hours spent fruitlessly trying to recover photos from a suicidal SD card--all set to a strange Beyoncé and Prince playlist.

In other words...I don't have much at all to contribute.

So as much as I love vintage racing, I won't bore you with grueling details about every piece of history that hit the track this past weekend. And although I can gush about Road Atlanta for hours (it's not just my born and raised Georgia bias, I promise), I won't. I'll just let you see the pictures--well--the ones that weren't lost to the digital ether.

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