One of a Kind: Alfa Romeo 4C Picchio AR/MG

Calabria, Italy. Here we saw the debut of the 4C “Picchio AR/MG” in the CIVM - Campionato Italiano Velocità Montagna (Italian Hill Climb Championship), a red lightning bolt for the mountains.


Take the already potent Alfa Romeo 4C, add the experience of an award-winning driver like Marco Gramenzi (6 CIVM titles, most recently with the legendary Alfa Romeo 155 v6 DTM), put them together in a shop known for creating track monsters, a dash of raw anger here and there, all this and you’ll end up with an Alfa Romeo 4C Picchio AR/MG.

Picchio was tapped by Marco to aid in his quest of the CIVM 2016 Italian Hill Climb Championship. The plan; stiffen the chassis using carbon fiber, lengthen from the road going 4C, lower the center of gravity and limit weight. Mirage Motor Company aided with most of this by reproducing all of the panels in carbon. 


Chassis stiffness came with the addition of the regulation roll cage. Thrust comes in the measure of 580 nm to 7500 rpm/min and 600 hp at 8200 rpm, obtained by running a massive 3.5 bar peak pressure thanks to the Garrett turbo, spun up by the small 1.75L 4 cylinder developed by Advanced Engine Research of England. Power is dispersed via a Hewland 6 speed sequential box.


With the suspension converted to a push-rod setup, utilizing Öhlins TTX36 adjustable shocks, the Alfas dynamics are dramatically altered. Moving the shocks inbound brings with it a whole host of advantages; weight is more centralized, unsprung weight is reduced, and the shape of the nose can be slightly altered to improve aerodynamics.

Perhaps the most arresting detail are the F1 style BBS wheels. Measuring  13 inches and shod with Pirelli P ZERO Red Supersoft slicks capable of harnessing all 600 hp of the little Alfa.


The Alfa Romeo 4C “Picchio AR/MG” proves to be greater than the sum of its parts. A car built to carve up mountains. As a spectator the experience is brief but memorable, as the Alfa bursts past with a flash of crimson and leaves behind a wake of fumes.

Many thanks to Emanuele Santoro (@manu.s on Instagram) for the words and first look at this amazing car.

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