Prologue: Silverstone Classic

This years Silverstone Classic event in the UK promises to deliver even more star turns and attractions than the celebrations of last years 25th anniversary. At a time when spring should be starting to begin its slow drive north across the UK, it appears that it is losing a battle with a fierce northern winter determined to cling on for as long as it can. So it proved to be, as a bright start to this year's media day gave way to blustery snow showers throughout the day.

Luckily, as it seemed that all the world's motorsport media had arrived, you could nestle in amongst many of them to keep warm for the press conferences, interviews and photoshoots. Benzin Garage had the fortune of being invited to spend time with Freddie Hunt, here to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of his late father's Formula One Championship winning year, while he was interviewed by the similarly legendary commentator, Murray Walker.

We can’t go into the details of the conversation that was filmed for this years British Grand Prix but I would recommend that you seek it out when available. Being so close to the historic McLaren M23 while listening to the stories of this iconic driver was nothing short of spine tingling. When the car was fired up for filming of a few laps, trust me, there was a little nit of wee coming out. Mind you, casually chatting with Alistair Caldwell, McLaren team boss from that era, also added to the thrill.

In amongst other things, there happened to be; Tin-top tourers, Super Touring cars, Historic Touring Cars, Big-engined touring cars, Group C, FIA Masters Historic Formula One. There will even be a live restoration of a classic Range Rover going on and that’s before all the other off track activities, including live music from the Boomtown Rats, The Stranglers and Reef. 120 car clubs will be attending, Silverstone Auctions will be selling classics, aviation displays and--for the first time--a Concours d’Elegance display. It is going to be mega. And it will also be here at Benzin Garage.

Alex Lawrence leaves us awestruck with every email. In his hands, every machine comes alive, even sitting still. He is based in Great Britain. His work and contact information can be found at The Whitewall.

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