Benzin Garage: curators of evocative automotive art.

Curate v.: to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation


Benzin Garage is dedicated to finding and preserving the best automotive photography in the world. We share images that reflect a true dedication to the lifestyle, and love of the automobile.


“Benzin Garage Magazine is poised to earn a place among the most elite automotive periodicals. Tastemakers worldwide will make space for it on their library shelves, and creatives of the industry will peruse its carefully curated pages in search of inspiration. With a publication conceived in the same vein as other art magazines, the team behind Benzin Garage maintains that the discerning enthusiast holds the aesthetic interpretation of motoring passion to the highest standards; equal in measure to those of any artistic savant.”

Benzin Garage was first conceived with you, the photographers, in mind. We know the hard work that goes into capturing the perfect image. And we have felt the same frustration of seeing our art enjoyed on tiny, digital screens for a fleeting moment, and then promptly forgotten. Some photographers are content with that arrangement, merely happy that their photos are seen at all. This magazine was created for those artists who want more.

Now accepting submissions for our Fine Art Issue.