Le Mans 2016

We media photographers have a tendency to watch races through the lens, obsessed with getting the perfect shots for our client, portfolio, or the 'Gram (duh). Part of the price paid for superior access to the racers and the track over spectators is losing the chance to indulge in a motorsport event without an agenda. There's always a deadline, a particular image you're rushing to email from the media center, or the dreaded feeling that you didn't get enough photos of _______. From time to time, we may steal a moment here and there to just lean on our monopod and watch the cars whiz by, mere feet from our bodies. But all too soon, we're back snapping away. After all, we need to prove this is our job in order to get the next fix--I mean--media credential.

Somehow, James Gibson had the self-discipline to do Le Mans the way it's supposed to be done this year: as a spectator. He managed to turn the camera off (sort of) and finally enjoy the race with friends. But of course, old habits die hard. In two days' time, he sent us a few choice snaps of the cars in action. Like we knew he would.


James Gibson has quickly become one of our favorite contributors. This talented guy is based in the UK, and his motorsport/automotive photography and graphic design work can be found at  jamesgibsonphotography.co.uk.

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